The EMIT project developed fully two training modules - on Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology. These are for young medical physics graduates and other healthcare professionals using medical technology, as well for anyone who wants to upgrade his/her knowledge in these fields.

The materials include two sets of curricula (training timetables) covering 80 days training for each module; two sets with training tasks (forming e-books, available through internet and from CD); two educational image databases (on CD); Course Guide (on 5 languages, made in e-book); one Digital Dictionary (cross translation in 7 languages); two Web sites (one promotional with demo; the other for on-line learning); two combined CD-ROMs (including all materials for one module - e-book, Image database; Guide, Dictionary) and one demo CD (of EMIT and EMERALD materials).

All training tasks were translated into French, and additionally many of the French tasks were hyperlinked to create additional e-books in French. The volume of these materials totals to approx. 700 MB. This big volume is structured in way to build gradually competencies. The two training modules were developed with internal layered modular structure, which allows some training tasks to be modified in the country of use, according to existing national protocols/ regulations. This built-in flexibility creates a multi-faceted structure, which will greatly increase the applicability of the EMIT materials not only in various countries, but also by trainees from various professions.
A full working DEMO of all EMIT materials (MRI and US) can be seen here.

Please note that the DEMO is approx. 33 MB and some delay in opening some pages could be expected.

An e-publication of all EMIT (and previous EMERALD materials) is available from:


Please note that this Web site is password protected. All materials could be purchased (both on CD and as password for this site) through the Coordinator of the project.

A brief version of the EMIT Training Timetables in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader) can be seen here: