EMIT training materials
Training-Online server: EMIT training e-Workbooks (full version) plus EMERALD

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- EMIT Training Timetables and Digital Dictionary launched free

Please note: the Timetables are available through the DEMO (below) and the Dictionary is distributed on CD

A full working DEMO of all EMIT materials (MRI and US) can be seen here.
General questions, Course Guide and Image Database:
Slavik Tabakov , Cornelius Lewis , Inger-Lena Lamm

Magnetic Resonance Imaging module questions:
Ronnie Wirestam , Andy Simmons , Franco Milano

Ultrasound Imaging module questions:
Colin Deane , David Goss , Tomas Jansson

Translations and Digital Dictionary questions:
Jean-Yves Giraud, Slavik Tabakov , Alain Noel