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European Medical Imaging Technology e-Encyclopaedia for Lifelong Learning (EMITEL) is an international project which developed the first e-Ecyclopaedia of Medical Physics with Multilingual Dictionary of terms. This is the largest international project in Medical Physics, including more than 300 specialists from 36 countries. EMIT Project


EMITEL is the first e-Ecyclopaedia of Medical Physics. This e-Learning-type tool includes a large searchable Web database and a Medical Physics Thesaurus with multilingual Digital Dictionary of Terms. Each term is translated to 29 languages and the Dictionary cross-translates between any two languages. The e-Ecyclopaedia includes explanatory articles (in English) for each term. The total number of terms in English is approximately 3300. The overall volume of EMITEL is c. 2200 pages (with more than 2000 images and diagrams).
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