The objective of the pilot project European Medical Imaging Technology e-Encyclopaedia for Lifelong Learning (EMITEL) is to develop an original e-learning tool, which will be used for lifelong/continuing learning/training of a wide range of specialists in Medical Physics and Medical Imaging Technology (Sector Healthcare). The tool will be linked to our existing EMERALD and EMIT materials (developed by the core of the present Consortium) and will additionally include Radiation Protection& Hospital Safety and Radiotherapy, thus forming a one-stop knowledge database for those who want to acquire a specific competence and for those who want to refresh their knowledge and to learn about the new developments in this technology and health &safety issues (namely–radiation protection). The tool will be linked to our existing Digital Dictionary, which will help its use in many EU countries (the Dictionary includes 7 languages, the new project will double this number).

The Euro Conference, which the previous EMIT Consortium organised in 2003, revealed that our innovative e-learning materials are excellent for young professionals, but we have to also address the needs of the lifelong training of the “older” professionals in the field. This is linked to the fact that the medical physics profession develops very quickly – the last 20 years have changed dramatically the Medical Imaging field, introducing new methods and equipment with speed, which makes colleagues who started in the profession earlier (otherwise with considerable experience and knowledge) virtually less qualified in this constantly changing and modernising field. EMITEL will not only improve the quality of training of a very large group of professionals, but will also provide to the “mature” professionals equal opportunities for continuing training.

EMITEL will be innovative e-Learning tool - a large searchable Web site, including multilingual Digital Dictionary of Terms with explanatory articles for each term. The Dictionary will include the existing 7 languages (English, French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) and at least 14 new languages. The total number of terms in English is expected to be approx. 3500-4000 (this, together with the translations, will produce 80,000+ entries).

The Dictionary will cross-translate to/from any two languages. Each term will have an explanatory article in English what will produce approx. 3500-4000 articles. The length of the articles would depend on the term, but an estimate of up to 2000 pages in total is close to reality. Many articles will also include images, diagrams, and tables, as necessary (expected approx. 2000 additional materials). At a later stage this material is planned to be commercially published. The income will be used for the future updates of the material.

During May/June 2007 EMITEL was extended to include 20 languages in the e-Dictionary and to develop a special Content Management System (CMS) to allow future update the content of the e-Encyclopaedia over Internet.

Following the European/International Conference EMITEL (23-26 October 2008) at ICTP Trieste a large International Network was formed for the future support and update of the Encyclopaedia.