EMITEL Consortium
The Partnership of EMITEL is a Consortium of Universities, Hospitals (Large Enterprises), SME, Professional/Sectoral Organisations/Federations (IOMP). The success of this collaboration would encourage other similar partnerships, which will address the very complex contemporary medical technology. Through the International Organisation for Medical Physics - IOMP (the largest professional organisation in the field) the partnership addresses 32 European Professional Organisations of Medical Physics and 40 other professional Organisations in the world. The selection of the partners has been made on the basis of the unique expertise, which each partner will bring to the project. The core of this partnership has worked previously in two successful Leonardo training projects EMERALD and EMIT – their materials are now used in 65 countries (EMIT Consortium received the Leonardo da Vinci Award in Maastricht 2004). The Dissemination and Valorisation plans of EMIT aim at a similar global impact of the project product. The EMITEL Consortium will continue its function after the end of the project to assure constant update of the e-Encyclopaedia tool.

Universita degli studi di Firenze
University of Florence

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