For the 30 years of its existence the ICTP College on Medical Physics became a real beacon of medical physics for colleagues from Low and Middle Income (LMI) countries. It supported the professional growth of medical physicists in almost 100 countries and created more than 1,000 medical physics professionals, who contribute to the healthcare in their countries.

The e-book "ICTP College on Medical Physics Celebrating 30 Years" includes history of the College, its leads and organisers, its global impact and photos of all ICTP Colleges on Medical physics (from 1988 to 2018). The e-book also includes messages from College students from 40+ countries.

This e-book is a real example of the immense appreciation and gratitude of hundreds of medical physicists from LMI countries, who have benefitted from this unique ICTP College, and who have made the physics applied to medicine an inseparable part of the lives of millions of patients globally.

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