The Consortium of project EMERALD, Florence meeting 1997

Project objectives
The last decade has seen great strides towards the emergence of professional training in Medical Physics and Medical Engineering throughout the world. The developments have, however, been patchy and of variable quality. In an attempt to support these initiatives more widely, the Leonardo EU project for European Medical Radiation Learning Development (EMERALD), a Consortium of Universities and Hospitals from the UK, Sweden, Italy and Portugal, has developed three training modules in medical radiation physics (X-ray Diagnostic Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy). Each Training Module encompasses the physics and engineering of the topic and consists of a Workbook with tasks, leading to certain competencies and a CD-ROM image database (IDB). The competencies are based on the UK Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) Training scheme and on the recommendations of the European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (EFOMP). The training modules are for the training of young graduates and post-graduate students in medical physics or related disciplines, their tutors, as well as other Hospital employees applying radiation to medicine.

Project Deliverables
The Consortium has developed the three Training modules with a common length of 4 months (80 days) each. During this time the trainee will have to acquire the most necessary professional skills. This part of the training was called "condensed" and can be performed in all countries, where training conditions are set up. The trainee can spend a further period (typically 2 months for each module) in his/her own country where he/she can additionally study the local Regulations and professional requirements.

The project was developed in three parallel streams - one for each module:

The Training Materials - Workbooks, CD-ROMs and Guide are described in the following web pages.

The New Project

For the purposes of further development and dissemination a new project EMERALD - Internet Issue (EMERALD II) was prepared with an enlarged Consortium including the old partners and new partners from France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. During this next phase of the EMERALD a sequence of Seminars "Train-the-Trainer" has been organised. Also an interactive Training Multimedia will be developed (Internet distributable) for the purposes of distance learning.

The Consortium of project EMERALD II, Florence meeting 1999