Physics of Radiotherapy (RT)

Basic methods in radiotherapy physics

Quality assurance of a dosimetric system

Calibration of a kilovoltage x-ray beam

Calibration of a MVXR beam;

Calibration of an electron beam

Calibration of an in-vivo detector (see a sample as PDF file)

Acquisition of open beam data

Acquisition of dose distributions and dose profiles

Acquisition of wedged beam data

Manual monitor unit and dose calculation for photon and electron beams

External beam treatment planning using a computerized system

Quality assurance of an orthovoltage unit

Quality assurance of a teletherapy unit

Quality assurance of a linear accelerator

Basic checks of a treatment planning system for external beam therapy

Calibration of brachytherapy sources

Manual treatment planning using 192 Ir sources for interstitial brachytherapy

Manual treatment planning for intracavitary brachytherapy

Surface moulds in brachytherapy

Computerised treatment planning systems for brachytherapy

Quality assurance in brachytherapy (see a sample as PDF file)

Training timetable