Each Training module incorporates: List of Competencies; Student Workbook with tasks (performance of each task leads to a specified competency); Structured Timetable (describing the approximate time necessary for each task).

Each task contains explanations and protocols to be followed and requires answers to specific questions and problems. The main types of tasks are: observing real activities and taking notes; using existing regulations, protocols, software; using various types of measuring equipment; understanding the basic characteristics & parameters of equipment; performing measurements (including dosimetry), collecting results and calculating parameters; full assessment (QC) of various equipment.

The proper performance of each task should be verified by the Trainer (Supervisor) and on this basis the Trainee can continue with other tasks. To help in this process a Course (Teacher's) Guide has been prepared.

The tasks in each Training Module are grouped in chapters. In total the Physics of X-ray Diagnostic Radiology module contains 44 tasks; the Physics of Nuclear Medicine module contains 46 tasks; the Physics of Radiotherapy module contains 48 tasks. The main chapters from the structure of the modules are shown further down in this page.

The printed Training Materials - Guide and three Workbooks are complemented by three CD-ROMs of an Image database (digital images) - one for each of the three training modules. Go to the next Web page, where the concept of the Image database is explained.